1st Article at Parents-Space.com – Why Dads Don’t Talk About Parenting.

So this Blog is mostly movie themed. All of my followers know this. However, there’s been the odd times where I’ve gone off about relationships, religion and pregnancies, of all things. However, since most of you awesome people only care about that stuff when it’s portrayed on screen, at which point you’ll decimate those portrayals with brutal criticism (THE IMPOSSIBLE) or applaud them with a biased perspective (every movie with Ryan Gosling, without his shirt.) So I decided to take my rambling to a more parentally inclined site, who will appreciate and/or mock my quasi serious rants. 

In all serious-ness, some of you might noticed that I’ve had a few ‘out of left field’ posts about life and crap. This  blog was never meant to be solely a ‘movie review site’, so I was expanding my wings. Parents-Space.com gives me the platform to do that with like minded people. They basically gave me a digital soapbox and said ‘go nuts’. And nuts I shall go. Wait–

Anyways… most of my Fatherly advise, rants, and sage wisdom about things involving relationship and parenting will now be featured on that site. Check out my 1st rant up now, discussing why fathers aren’t keen on talking about their parenting experiences. Take a look at an excerpt below: 

” (Do men like not talking about parenting) because the rearing of children has been a solely “women’s job” for generations? Is it because discussing our daily lives as an involved parent may emasculate us, or alienate us from our single and child-free friends? I doubt it, because I’d like to think that as a society we’ve grown beyond those types of gender specific roles into a more gender equal world. So that can’t be it, but then what is? “

Check out the entire Article following the link above or by clicking here.

Do leave me your thoughts either here or on that site. You may all now return to your previously scheduled programs. 

8 responses to “1st Article at Parents-Space.com – Why Dads Don’t Talk About Parenting.

  1. Nice article. I talk to other dad’s about parenting all the time, mostly about the humorous aspects of it but also seriously seeking advice like, “How do you get your kid to take an f’n nap on the weekends?” It’s invaluable to have that kind of outlet and shared experience.

    • A spoonful of Bourbon a day…–

      But seriously, I find my almost 5 year old to be growing out of them. So we’ll do an afternoon Siesta on weekends of just ‘hang out time’, where we do something quiet like a movie.

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